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ConnectUS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that was founded in 2008.  ConnectUS was established to provide quality programming for individuals with severe multiple disabilities.  Our program consists of regularly scheduled adapted activities.  ConnectUS is founded on the principles that everyone (even the least able) has something to give and that the needs of one are the opportunities of another.  We create this community collaboration by donating our completed projects to other local nonprofits.

ConnectUS is a cooperative project through which individuals with disabilities interact with community volunteers.  Student volunteers studying health, social services, and other related fields have the opportunity to gain important one on one experience working with our members, while all volunteers are invited to share their time and talents.


ConnectUS is a stand-alone nonprofit and relies entirely on fundraising and gifts from generous donors to help further our mission of providing quality programming for ​ individuals with severe multiple impairments at no charge to participants or their families. 

ConnectUS currently operates in the Livonia, Canton, Northville, and Plymouth, Michigan area.

Click here to see our Board of Directors.

For more information and to volunteer email or call (734) 427-8061.

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