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How to Enroll an Individual with Disabilities

Adaptive activity sessions take place at various locations and are available at no charge to all adults with disabilities age 21 or older.  Each individual must be accompanied by an able-bodied partner who will participate in the entire session, which can be anywhere from 90 minutes to several hours.  Activities are generally held on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings. For more information, please call 734-536-7828 or send us an email at

•Cooke School in Northville, MI:  To come to Cooke persons with severe multiple impairments must be a Cooke graduate returning as volunteers doing a service project. They must go to the Northville Board of Education at least 48 hours in advance and complete an I-CHAT.

•Once a Month Saturday Events:  For Saturday events, all persons with disabilities are welcome (up to 20 per event) but must bring their own caregiver, and register through Holly Heath at

For information about volunteering as an assistant at any of these events, contact or phone (734) 427-8061.

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